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We Are All Dreaming
We are all dreaming, how the dream changes is dependent on the threads that bind us together. On occasion our threads get tangled and we can no longer see a clear line from A to B, let alone walk it, but then something happens, someone comes into your life or a random event results in something beautiful, and then suddenly the correct string is pulled and we can see that straight line again. The sun grows dark and chaos has come again, strange how darkness and chaos are always seen the same and yet when things are dark chaos cannot be seen and everything is ordered and safe. Life and people are getting so tangled and twisted that no one person or event can unravel them, everything is confusing and the dream is going strange in a way that I don't understand until the lights are out and all I can see is a field of fireflies and a sky of stars and I can finally think and breathe and things make sense again.
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Mature content
Faking It :iconfarkashdaemon1310:FarkashDaeMon1310 1 3
Angel of Darkness
Books speak of forgiveness
They all preach the same
But as I walk these empty streets
...stop hurting me...
Where no one knows me
And no one cares
Who will forgive me?
...stop hurting me...
But as I walk these empty streets
Where no one dares to tread
And I hear so many crying in the night
...stop hurting me...
And no one wants to know the past
Who will forgive them that live behind
These glowing windows
Yellow jack-o-lantern eyes glaring in darkened houses
...stop hurting me...
Cigarette burns and tears on a stained pillow
Betrayed by ones so close
Fear and anger and sorrow and bewilderment
All rain down from above
...stop hurting me...
Like feathers shed by a bird
That has seen the places they will never see.
And as I walk these empty streets
Where the moon is my only companion
Where darkness is my only friend
Where silence is my only joy
I think about these lives that no one knows
And no one wants
...stop hurting me...
Can't you hear the scr
:iconfarkashdaemon1310:FarkashDaeMon1310 2 4
All Modern Day Martyrs
Dry eyes are crying,
Mute throats are screaming,
Paralytic questions and answers
Freezing all courage and hope.
Injustice of every color,
Rainbows running red,
All the pain of others
Drifts rights through your head.
The second coming is here,
But Jesus Christ is no longer giving bread,
Caught in the crossfire
Murderers shot him dead.
The whole system is fucked,
Judges being bribed,
Murderers running free
While their slaves are being tried.
Massacres on the nightly news,,
People being shot,
For after all a gun can do
What our lives cannot.
War is being celebrated,
While parents sit and cry;
Their darling little children are watching
Some other mother's child die.
All modern-day martyrs
Are forever sleeping in the graveyards,
Overflowing with the innocent dead,
Where their bodies lie interred
No one to mourn their passing
They lie forever silent
Dreaming of a lost and
Forgotten cause.
All modern-day martyrs
Rise up from the mass graves
Filled with the corpses of the massacred.
And maybe
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Skeleton Verse
If only
If only
The tears of
My fears
Wouldn’t come
Where are they from?
A place to far
For me to bar
The helpless rage
On this page
Is speaking from another
From a dead brother
One who died for believing
In thieving
For his one and only
Because if only
If only
Then these tears
Wouldn’t come
And then people
Wouldn’t hurt,
And then people
Wouldn’t fear,
And then I could speak these words
To you.
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Breathing slowed, listening to the rhythmic respiration, the pounding of her own heart.
Reaching farther back into the darkness that was slowly consuming her mind.
Fire leapt and played around her, and she danced for a brief time among the flames before running on, further back into her mind.
Rain poured down around her, and she danced alongside the lightning and thunder before she ran on.
Where was it? Past the guardians of flame and water, into the darkness she ran.
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Revealed Through Shadow by FarkashDaeMon1310 Revealed Through Shadow :iconfarkashdaemon1310:FarkashDaeMon1310 0 5
So Many Dead Letters
So many dead letters dance across
So many dead pages dance,
The letters into words, meaningless,
Unless their ink turn to blood.
I won’t be
What you want me to be,
I won’t ever fucking change,
I won’t ever fit in this life that you have envisioned for me,
I won’t ever be the you that you never got to be.
I have my own mind now,
I have my own life now,
So you can take back the ones you forced me into.
Unlock these chains,
Unlock these manacles,
Unlock this collar.
Let me be free
For the first time
In Eternity.
:iconfarkashdaemon1310:FarkashDaeMon1310 2 4
The Heart of a Demonic Angel by FarkashDaeMon1310 The Heart of a Demonic Angel :iconfarkashdaemon1310:FarkashDaeMon1310 0 4 The Twilight of Dawn by FarkashDaeMon1310 The Twilight of Dawn :iconfarkashdaemon1310:FarkashDaeMon1310 1 6 It's a KEEETTTYYYYYYY by FarkashDaeMon1310 It's a KEEETTTYYYYYYY :iconfarkashdaemon1310:FarkashDaeMon1310 0 4
Mistakes of Past
The darkness
It hides me.
Hides me from
All the mistakes
That I have made.
I wish I was able
To hide myself,
Just as the new moon
I wish I was able
To hide hide my mistakes,
Just as the new moon
But I know that I can't,
These mistakes won't leave
Me alone and
I can no longer hide them.
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Taken Away
My brothers were taken away,
My sisters as well.
They were taken away,
Far, far away,
Across oceans, seas, and continents.
Taken away from their home
To go fight a war that
Was not their own,
A war fought for rights
To the blackened blood of
Soil stained crimson,
Soil soaked in the blood of
People and animals.
Soil in which no life can flourish,
For the shadow of Death clings to
Even the most fleeting moments of happiness.
When I was younger
I would ask my parents
Where my siblings had gone.
They would shake their heads
And change the subject,
But even I could not miss the shadow
Of tears and sorrow.
Then one day as I was playing
Within the confines of our backyard
I stumbled upon
Three white crosses,
Growing like holy mushrooms
Under the purple butterfly bush,
Ringed with posies and marigolds.
Since then I sometimes return
To that secret and hallowed ground,
And since I first found those
Small white crosses
Two more have appeared.
When the fifth one appeared
I was thirteen
And somethi
:iconfarkashdaemon1310:FarkashDaeMon1310 2 2
The Ghost of the Silver Bells by FarkashDaeMon1310 The Ghost of the Silver Bells :iconfarkashdaemon1310:FarkashDaeMon1310 0 8
Breaking Point
Why does everything
Feel like it's ending?
A circle,
A chain,
A never-ending cycle.
And Death.
And Hate.
And Rage.
A circle,
A chain,
This never-ending cycle.
A circle,
A chain,
Forever winding.
So why does everything
Feel like it's ending?
:iconfarkashdaemon1310:FarkashDaeMon1310 1 9
My Questions
Why do these words curse me?
They bother me
When my weary soul
Tries to rest,
And when I need to write
They flee
And refuse to flow through
My fingers to the keys
To your eyes
To read.
My eyes beg me for rest,
My soul barely awake,
And yet I must write such words.
These words are sharper than blades,
And they sting more than salt of tears
In the wounds.
I can hear a door shutting
And my muscles tense,
Ready to be yelled at
For something I have done
Or haven't done.
Their words hurt more than mine,
They hurt like the sea in my eyes.
My only solace
Is in night,
And books,
And music,
And thunder.
When I'm near my friends
People of my own years,
I can pretend I am what they see;
The sweet and sarcastic,
The easy-going and insane,
The smart idiot.
I wish I could be what they see,
The one with no problems.
I wish I could see in my own reflection
What others say they see their.
But all I see is the sadness,
The weariness,
And the...
The loneliness.
Why can't I be
What ev
:iconfarkashdaemon1310:FarkashDaeMon1310 1 11

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A lie for a lie
United States
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Personal Quote: A lie for a lie.
Well, it's been a while, but I'm back on deviant art. I went through some stuff dealing with life and all that jazz, but hey, who doesn't? So I'll be trying to post some stuff sooner or later. It's good to be back!
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